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Juliette Greco - Born in Montpellier - Moved to Paris
Friends with Sartre, Cocteau (in his film "Orpheus"), Miles Davis (relationship)
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Languedoc Music - Juliette Greco. Born 7 February 1927 Montpellier

Juliette Greco, was born in Montpellier. Her father was from Corsica. During WW2 she with her mother and sister were in the Resistance (she was imprisoned but let go because of her age). She moved to Paris, where she was centre stage of the bohemian scene, with friends such as Cocteau, who gave her a part in the film "Orpheus", Jean Paul Sartre, where she became a muse entangled in "Existentialism". She participates in the reopening of the cabaret Boeuf sur le Toi, with her friendship to Boris Vian. She later becomes involved in a relationship with Miles Davis, even considering marriage - a major issue at the time of racism regarding marriage between black and white. In 1954, she met her future husband, actor Philippe Lemaire (divorced in 1956 after the birth of their daughter Marie-Laurence). She left for New York and in Hollywood she meets the powerful producer Darryl Zanuck on the set of the film The Sun Also Rises to Henry King. She became his companion, despite differences in age and temperament. In 1961, she was in films under the direction of John Huston in The Roots of Heaven (1958) and Richard Fleischer in Drama in the mirror (1960), both with Orson Welles. In 1960 she returned to France, discovers new talent: Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Guy Béart and Léo Ferré. In 1965 she takes a leading role in the television series Belphegor Phantom of the Louvre. In 1966 she married Michel Piccoli.
She has recorded music since 1950, with such famous songs as "Je suis comme je suis" (1951), Prevert/Kosma; "Coin du Rue" (1954), Trenet Jolie Mome (1961), Leo Ferré;"La javanaise" (1964), Serge Gainsbourg;"J'arrive" (1971), Brel/Jouannest; "Ne me quite pas" (1988), Jacques Brel;" Le Deserter "(2009), Boris Vian.

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