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In Languedoc there are numerous ways to make friends. For the more extrovert, each village or town has clubs, or associations that you can belong to. Clubs for every kind of interest. For more information see the France Association Website.

There is the usual retinue of clubs, discotheques, and social locations available for the young at heart - with a number of magazines and websites that can clue you in on where to go. Take a look a clubs all over France in France Nightclubs

For those who want to get a foothold on the French language, and want to get to know someone, as a friend, romantically or otherwise - the internet provides a perfect canvas to chat, text, and converse in various levels of French. You can find your romance, or just a good friend on the internet. But of course take all the usual precautions!

Here is a sample of some of the choices available


For those seeking an ex pat community there are a number of clubs around

Womens International Club (WIC)

Do you have any suggestions? Email
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medieval cathar love

Listen to the romantic music of the Catharsromantic scene
Lieder der Troubadoure aus Aude und Roussillon by Ensemble Convivencia

Take a journey back in time to the aetherial music of the Cathars - and meet the poets - the troubadours - that brought romance and beauty
Make friends in Languedoc Roussillon!
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