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This pretty little village, with 27 inhabitants, crouching in the shelter of a high minervois valley (400 m in altitude), each year hosts the "Fete de la Rouge du Roussillon", where you can watch the herding of sheep, with the usual whistle, and crouch and run of sheep dogs. Its where too, you can meet the locals, tough and hardy, kind and generous, artisans often plying their trade. From the carver of wooden fence posts, to the goat cheese maker, and angora weaver, to the pots of olive oils, the ham, the sausage, and of course wine.

The church - Saint Michel, which was mentioned as early as 1135, and whose present building probably dates from the 17th century sits outside the village, leaning out on a curve, with steep incline above and below. Its simple interior, bestows the strength of spiritual thought, necessary to live in a somewhat isolated village. Up on the side of the mountain is the ruins of a castle, as well in the valley of one can find the cave or grotto of Favayrolles, where some prehistoric remains were found.

If you are in the area visit Minerve

Visit one of the most beautiful and stunning villages of Languedoc, straddling two valleys, and hanging above deep gorges - Minerve. It was here that 180 parfaits - followers of the Cathar religion, met their death at the hands of Simon de Montford. From below the bridge you can see why Minerve was a difficult village to attack. Of particular interest is also the large caverns through which the river winds - which are accessible to walk through.

sheep fair fete at boisset, herault, minervois
FĂȘte de la "Rouge du Roussillon" at Boisset, Herault
in the Minervois

Narbonne - Cathedral
Inside the Eglise Saint Michel, in Boisset, Minervois.

View Boisset, Herault, in the High Minervois, Languedoc
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Explore the Minervois to discover history from dolmens to Abbeys and gold mines.
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