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le domaine du somail wine label

Le Domaine du Somail

Under the experience hand of Olivier Fabre, the wines of Le Domaine du Somail, dance an honest, pure dance, that resonates with the vibrancies, and earthiness of the Minervois area. Grown around Bize Minervois, they exhibit fine colors, and textures, smooth but excellent in complexity.

Of particular note is the Bag in Box white vin du pays - that proves white wine can win the day when its concise and clear in its intention. The red and rosé too, have much to recommend them, and its well worth visiting his cave near St Marcel, near Le Somail, to discuss with him the quality of these excellent wines.

Le Domaine du Somail
Route de St Pons
Hameau Le Somail
11120 St Nazaire
Tel: 06 18 09 24 73

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le somail  on canal du midi
The old bridge in Le Somail

  canal du midi near le somail
The Canal du Midi runs
through the Minervois


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