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Languedoc -
Wining and dining is quite an art in Languedoc - be it road side grillades or full blown haute cuisine with white hats and food that dances!

NEWS: Klim & Ko Restaurant has opened June 2012 next to the lighthouse at Leucate. Enjoy haute cuisine from Goujon's ex second in command at Fonjoncouse in this soon to be Michelin starred restaurant. Go before the prices become astronomical. Stunning sea views are assured!

Maison Gayda "Le Restaurant", Brugairolles, near Carcassonne.

An exceptional restaurant, with panoramic views over vineyards. Located in the countryside just outside the small village of Brugairolles - you will be excited by the panache that the owners have created. Service is careful, and exact; the plates presented with flourish; the leaving will always be to return. Maison Gayda website

Auberge de Saint Martin, Beaufort, near Olonzac,
Just outside Olonzac, the old schoolhouse yard, is the perfect place to pander to the delights of the menu here. Simplicity of statement, and quality of freshness are the keywords. If you enjoy dining and want to go away knowing that the quantity and the taste bud was just right, this the establishment for you. Auberge Saint Martin website

La Table de Crescent, Narbonne
Here lunch can be theatrical - where a plate is a canvas for an inter active event. Be open to surprise. But dont be decieved, good theatre has great actors .... come to take the stage!
La Table de Crescent website.

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Explore Languedoc to visit, to live, to enjoy France at its best!
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