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near florac, lozere, in tarn gorges, languedoc france
Near Florac, Lozere - in the Tarn Gorges


Lozere. Languedoc France
Chateau of Florac: Cevennes National Park Center
Florac - historic walk into history
Trout falls at the Pesquié Spring and Vibron pond
Climb Rochefort for great views
Florac Markets and Cultural Center

What's to do:

At the heart of the Cevennes National Park, and at the entry to the Tarn Gorges, Florac, a village of 2,074 persons (545m) has many attractions for the visitor. (A past visitor was Robert Louis Stevenson - take a moment to read from his book: - "Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes")

The local facilities offer everything from country dancing, ballet, all terrain cycling, canoeing, potholing, to horseback riding, tennis, walking clubs, gliding and caving. (more info: see Lozere caving club - Speleo Club). The famous 160 km Florac - horseback endurance race - is well worth seeing if you have a chance (see it Sept 5 2009 at Ispagnac - more information)

Chateau of Florac: Cevennes National Park Centre

A castle has been here since the 13th Century. The present Chateau dates from 1652. In 1976 it was renovated and became the main information center for the Cevennes National Park, with gift and book shop, as well as a permanent exhibitiona area.

Florac: Historic walk

You can follow a marked path through the village, and learn about its turbulent past, particularly during the religious wars. You will see the Priory that dates from 1130; the remains of the rampart walls, that protected the village against roving bands who routed villages of the area. During the 16th and 17th century the protestant catholic religious walls damaged a lot of the buildings. Visit the Church of Saint Martin (1833) built in a neo classical style, that was built over an old cemetery. Then there is the old Capucins Convent dating back to 16th century, which is now a private school. In the market place you will the "Ferradou" - a wooden trestle that was used to shoe Oxen (Florac was a well known center for cattle fairs in times past).

Florac: Trout waterfalls and Ponds

One of the most splendid and must see sights is where the river resurfaces, at the Pesquié Spring in the Paul Arnal Park and to see the many waterfulls often teeming with trout. Visit especially the Vibron - a fishpond that was used for fish farming, as well as to create a water supply to the village, and provide the driving force for the mills, and the tanning houses.

Florac: Climb Roquefort

Climb up Roquefort to see a great view of the village of Florac. Roquefort is a dolomite spur of the Causse Mejean (1012 m). Here signs of Bronze age man was found in the caves.

Florac: Centre d'Expérimentation Pédagogique - SupAgro

SupAgro is an important institution both as a resource center, and an education facility for ecology and agriculture. Informing teachers and land managers about the subtle fusion of land, ecology, and modern trends in technology.

Florac: Markets and Concerts

There is a weekly market on Thursday, as well as all day markets - one day a month from June till December. There is a special fete in the middle of August where traditional dances and artisanal activities occur. From Mid June to the beginng of September the Florac community presents a series of concerts and events.

Florac: Cultural Centre - La Genette Verte

Florac has a very enterprising arts and culture center that offer a gamut of theater, music, and arts events. It stands in front of beautiful fountain that has been recently renovated. (See Florac Cultural Center)

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florac - with view of rochefort
Florac - Rochefort

tarn gorges cevennes national park near florac
Near La Malene in the Tarn Gorges

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"Lozere is for those that love nature - visit the Parc de Cevennes - the gorges du Tarn - its unbridled nature is all consuming!

Visit Cham des Bondons - 12 kms from Florac - to see 154 granite menhirs dating back more than 4000 years - more info

Explore Florac for unbridled pleasure in Lozere France!
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